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(Ela) tem Caprichos Matinais LXXXI

"You both said you wanted to be a story.
You’ve never met until this moment and I am the director.
Let my language guide you. My words of erotic command you, as your smiles and sin command me.
Find something within each other’s eyes, a glint, a gaze, a smile. Notice something naughty that you fancy, wish to take of one another. Think of drinking in one another’s kiss and the fiesty tricks of tongues.
Listen to my words and think of how wet you are for one another. Imagine fingers against that wetness. Lick your lips at the muse of suck, of tongues.
You're both part of the story, yet naughty, naughtier still.
Smooth your hand inside her breasts, feel her heartbeat as her nipples harden. She’s turned on from teasing you, you teasing her, my words fueling you both.
And this is how the story goes. Step by step I command you, push you, dampen you with my words. And moment by moment you go further than you ever have before. With me as your storyteller. "

In Delectable Deviants (Adaptado)


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